I hadn’t told many people, other than my close friends, that I was working on a local election campaign for the first time since I moved to California. Honestly, the thought of telling my social circle what I was working on scared me. If the 2020 election results went in favor of our opponents, I didn’t want to admit defeat or loss.

A few months back, I received an email asking if I was interested in meeting a local candidate running for office in San Marcos, California. Her name was Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson, a scientist, a mother, and a concerned constituent that decided she would run for the Vallecitos Water Board, Division 5 seat. After our initial conversation, I was immediately intrigued and curious about how I could help her campaign. Tiffany was running in a local election with a lean but hard-earned budget.

Tiffany tasked me with developing a plan to reach as many voters in her district as possible without breaking the bank. And what I am thrilled to tell you is we met our objective.

Tiffany ran a race against an incumbent that had the backing of corporate dollars, a race against misogyny, a race against positions on a ballot that are typically glanced over, not to mention a race during COVID-19. She ran a race against all odds and won. And she didn’t just win; she won BIG!

While the 2020 presidential election results rolled in on November 3rd, I couldn’t help but be selfish and long for the tallies of Tiffany’s district to start rolling in. And when we saw the first posting of election counts, we were blown away. She took the lead by a 30% margin. Not only was she winning, but she was also winning by an incredible number.

In the following days, the Union-Tribune of San Diego posted results with Tiffany’s ‘little campaign that could’ in the winning position. Tiffany had rightfully won the votes of 60% of her local district. She had just proven that with grit, innovative thinking, and planning, “business as usual” politics could be defeated.

I am humbled to have worked on her campaign, and I look forward to taking what I have learned and applying it to future local races. Tiffany has shown me that change is possible. We must continue to move forward.