Part I

It’s funny, I’ve worked for so many industries and the one thing that remains constant is that they all struggle with the same exact hurdles.

  1. Reliable employees
  2. Not enough time in the day to get everything done
  3. Rising costs of doing business
  4. Affordable marketing
  5. Understanding their consumer

Let’s talk about number 4 – Affordable Marketing

You know what drove me absolutely fucking crazy about my job as Marketing Director for MO’s Universe? Getting sales calls from people on a daily – each one offering a new tech start-ups’ latest and greatest for a monthly fee of $250+/month and 2 year contract.

I got really good at saying no. In fact, I’d meet up with some of these sales people just to see if I was keeping up with the latest trends. You know what, most of the time I not only knew more than the sales people, but I had them taking notes by the end of our meeting.

How did I do this? Well… for starters, I’ve worked for a ton of marketing firms and a variety of entertainment industries. I understand how these tech start-ups operate and how they make a profit; massive client lists with little ROI for their clients. For those of us who remember the start of America Online, I like to refer to this as the AOL revenue structure. A firm will eventually run out of new clients, and the existing client list will die off when they learn they aren’t getting anything from their monthly payments.

Think about it. If a marketing start-up on-boarded 30 new clients a day at $300-$500 a pop, that’s $9,000 a day minimum. At the end of the month, their sales team would have made the company around $270,000. That’s a lot of cash and an almost unmanageable client list. Trust me, it happens, all – the – time.

If you learn one thing from this post, learn how to say no to sales people with monthly services that seem too good to be true.

So, how then do you creating a big marketing presence with a small budget? Research, planning and some time.

To be continued…

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