Jinkx The Underdog

Even if you aren’t a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race you can still take away lessons from the show. Last night was the season finale and coronation for one performer who exceeded overall in a challenging competition against 13 other crazy cats.

Throughout the season it seemed everyone was rooting for a superstar like Detox, a natural performer and already famous for her insane makeup, outfits and style. Though, there was one silent but steady performer that stuck to what he believed in and pulled through to become the winning underdog that everyone loved to cheer for.

Jinkx Monsoon kept true to her design and craft during each challenge even when she got shade from the other queens. She was quick with her comedy, humble with judges critiques and friendly to her competition. Everyone could learn a thing or two from this amazingly talented performer.

Kudos Jinkx, on a much deserved win!