Are you looking for help operating your Streamyard livestream? I am here to help with your graphics, music and video overlays.

Sometimes you just want to go live and not worry about who is bringing on guests, who is answering questions, and what video plays next. I understand completely. With a background in live entertainment and video editing, I can help you with your Streamyard live events.

If you need help with Streamyard:
• Moderation
• Graphics
• Video
• Audio

Send me a message lukas[a] or contact me via my contact form here.

Streamyard moderators, helpers, editors

Should you even livestream? Here’s what our friends over at Streamyard have to say:

In most cases, absolutely, but like everything else you should have a plan and purpose. We have found that multistreaming is particularly valuable for:

• podcasters
• digital marketers
• entrepreneurs
• business owners
and anyone else with a personal brand

If your brand closely is tied to the platform you stream to, i.e, you consider yourself a YouTuber or a Twitch Streamer, you might want to consider the pros and cons of multistreaming more carefully. If you are a YouTuber, your content is your product and you probably shouldn’t distribute it everywhere. Instead, you should consider using other social networks to drive people to your product (YouTube content) using repurposing and other forms of social media marketing.

However, if you fall into one of those other categories, multistreaming can be an amazing way to increase your reach and grow multiple communities simultaneously – again, if it is done correctly. Before you start multistreaming to another platform you should

First stream to a single platform. Don’t jump straight into multistreaming. Take some time to get comfortable broadcasting to a single destination. When you add more destinations into the mix, you have multiple audiences to manage. This is not a problem once you are comfortable with broadcasting, but it can be overwhelming if you are a new streamer.

Be familiar with every platform you broadcast to and use each one regularly. Do you know what Periscope is? If not, don’t stream to it. Mindlessly streaming to another platform is lazy, unprofessional, and a waste of time. You should be familiar with every platform that you multistream to and be active on them outside of your broadcasts.

Know your audience. Think carefully about your audience and what social channels your business/brand already performs well on. If your audience doesn’t spend any time on the platform, it’s probably not somewhere you should be multistreaming.