About a year ago, I had the idea for Smart-Jock. I’m finally finding myself here, asking you for money so I can continue to make it a reality. I’ve got some prototypes, but now I really want to take this to the next level. #SmartJock

Smart-Jock is the only smart jockstrap on the market.

I think communication and connecting with people are important. I think Smart-Jock is a fun way of making that happen. Whether it’s going to be a jockstrap, bra, t-shirt, harness, or whatever; connecting with another person in seconds with a smart device is something I find incredibly sexy and fun.

By contributing, you’ll help me take this idea from prototype to reality. I need funding for:
• Legal (finishing up my patent)
• Manufacturing (creating more than just jockstraps, think undergarments for all flavors of life)
• Advertising
• Design
• And More!

This underwear can link someone to your Venmo, Instagram, Facebook, any website really, plus so much more!

I’ve worked in clothing, entertainment, and hospitality for years. I like to think I know what perks people’s interests, and hopefully, you think Smart-Jock might just be it.

By contributing $100, I will send you some kind of Smart-Jock, or a custom-designed article of clothing made by me. You can find a lot of my stuff on SketchyBagLady.com

If I don’t reach my goal, I plan to donate the money to one of the many charities I work with throughout the year. Likewise, if I do meet my goal, I still plan on donating profits to charity to one of the many organizations I volunteer and work for, including Trans Family Support Services in San Diego, and/or AspenOUT.

I Get It, You’ve Already Hit Your Spending Limit For The Month

Can you help me by sharing this fundraiser? Or at least sharing Smart-Jock.com ? I would greatly appreciate it.

patent pending #63/190,646