Feel that? It’s election season again. And while a good majority of people didn’t vote in the 2016 Presidential Election, we should all be paying attention to not only national elections, but local elections (Southern California if you’re in the Golden State) too!

Why voting in San Marcos, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and San Diego matters.

Voting locally is way underrated. Did you know that the dropoff for some local elected official positions is sometimes over 30%!?

That’s a crazy number to think about when considering your day to day life is impacted directly by local policies and officials. Who can own certain business licenses, the cost of permitting, the height of buildings, the cost of water and so much more is, directly and indirectly, decided on by voting locally.

And speaking of the cost of water… That is all tied to Water Board positions in Southern California.

Why do Water Board Positions matter?

The topic of water sounds pretty boring to most people, but if you’re a homeowner or a renter who pays for your water, you might want to pay attention to who your local Water Board candidates are.

Water Board positions are usually on the very bottom of your ballot, so it’s important to keep going and vote until the very end. We completely understand that sometimes deciding who to vote for can be confusing and time-consuming to research. Luckily organizations like the League of Women Voters, NAACP, Planned Parenthood, and more come out with extensive voting guides.

We have had the pleasure of working with one of the women you will surely see on several voting guides in Southern California for the General Election in 2020, Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson. Tiffany is a local candidate running for the Vallecitos Water Board Division 5 Position in San Marcos, CA.

Tiffany is a wife, mother of 4, and scientist. She has volunteered for organizations helping with domestic violence and human trafficking survivors. She has also served as an elected school board member. She is also endorsed by environmental clubs such as the Sierra Club! That’s a pretty big deal considering the Sierra Club doesn’t usually endorse local water official positions.

Democrat for Vallecitos Water Board Division 5 in San Marcos

Tiffany’s platform, which you can read on her website here, is simple:

I am running for Vallecitos Water District Board of Directors, Division 5 because we need someone looking out for OUR interests as rate-paying customers, not the special interests that are costing us.
We need new leadership with:
• CLEAR motivation to fight for the rate-paying customers and not special interests

• CLEAR goals for the district that enhance transparency and stabilize water rates

• CLEAR and innovative ideas that will protect our community from COVID-19 or the next pandemic

Tiffany is ready to learn, have conversations with constituents, and create a fair and balanced rate for the Vallecitos Water District.

You can learn more and speak with her live every Wednesday during her “Water Wednesdays” until the election on November 3, 2020. Click here to see when her next livestream will take place.

Update: If you are looking for a Voting Cheat Sheet for the San Marcos area, look no further. This Voter Guide will help you make informed, educated, and well-researched decisions for the 2020 General Election. Click here to view the guide.