PrepKitchen Little Italy for Lunch

If you live in San Diego you know that we’ve recently gotten some of the most amazing eats in the nation and it just keeps getting better. One of my all time favorites, ever since I heard the chatter about it on KBPS, is Prepkitchen in Little Italy. Owned and operated by Whisknladle Hospitality, Prepkitchen Little Italy was a second venture inspired by Whisknladle’s quality food, but on a budget that everyone can enjoy.

I had the pleasure to enjoy this seasonally minded restaurant for lunch today. My nom-noms consisted of a broccoli soup with EVOO and parmesan, fish tacos and a peanut butter pudding drizzled in caramel with Nutter Butter crumbles (that should have been eaten first.) 5 stars all around!

The thing I absolutely love about this restaurant is the casual well designed ambience. Normally a place with such delicious entrées might have a strict dress code or be outrageously priced for us common folk, but PK is the best of both worlds. Combining a great environment, toothsome farm to table food and impeccable staff makes Prepkitchen a triple whammy of deliciousness.