Yesterday I had the pleasure of having energy work done as a trade from one of my clients. During the session we spoke about my fear of letting certain parts of my life go so I could succeed in others. We also spoke about the trade of energy and the cost of my graphic design work in San Diego compared to other designers.

I’ve always had a moral block on charging outrageous amounts of money for design and photography, as I think many designers and photographers take advantage of their clients. Technology has dramatically reduced the cost of production for photography and design, so why shouldn’t the client also reap the benefits?

Obviously everyone needs to make a living, including photographers and graphic designers, but there should be a balance to affordable design. Cheap affordable graphic design shouldn’t be cheap in the sense that the end product suffers, but as a designer matures and becomes a master at his craft should the price of the work sky rocket (especially for small business owners)?

As a seasoned graphic designer in San Diego, I will always try to be fair and balanced with my pricing. My hope is that other business owners would do the same in the community.